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1. If you are trying to create a user for the first time of the project, you will get create button in middle of the page like below

2. If you have already created users, you will find a landing page with an options create, edit, delete and a Search box to filter, custom fields with a name followed by a section with a table of existing custom fields.

3. Start typing in the search box with the string that you want to search for to see the filtered result in the table.

4. Click on the +Create button to create a new user and follow the create section below in this article..

5. Click on the Edit icon to do edit your existing user and follow Edit section below in this article.

6. Click on the Change Password button to change user password, follow the password section below in this article.

7. Click on the Delete icon to remove your user.

How to create custom fields?   

8. Enter the following fields in creating user page.

    Username: User name is useful for logging.

    User Role: Select user role of the user role field drop down to assign user.

    Email: The user's email.

    Password: The user's password.

    Firstname: The user's first name.

    Lastname: The users last name.

9. Click on create button to see a success message as "User is created successfully ".

10. Click on user name to see the user details page. 


How Edit User?

11. Edit the following fields in edit user page.

12. Click on update the update button to continue changing.

How to change user password?

13. By clicking on the change password button, you will get a change password page.

How Delete User?

18. By clicking on the delete icon, you will get an alert page.

19. Confirm and click on delete.