Navigation: Configuration > Plugins > Sauce Labs

1. If you are trying to intigrate plugin for first time of the project, you will get create button in middle of the page like below.

2. If you have already integrated sauce labs, you will find a landing page with an options cancel, edit, delete.

3. Click on +Create button to integrate sauce labs and follow the create section below in this article.

4. Click on Edit icon to do edit your existing integrate sauce labs plugin and follow Edit section below in this article.

5. Click on Delete icon to remove your integration.

How to get username and password from Sauce Labs?

6. After login in saucelabs you will get username in top of the page.

7. Click on user menu at the top of right corner you will get dropdown list, in that list click on my account.

8. Page redirect to my account page scroll down you will get access key with show option.

9. Click on show button enter sauce labs login password it will display access key, copy from there paste in password field in intigration.

How to create Sauce Labs intigration? 

10. Enter the following fields in create browser intigration page.

    username: Enter username which username is given by sauce labs.

    password: Enter password which password is given by sauce labs.

    confirm Password: Re-enter password.

11. After Enter required data in fields page with all the required information the form look like below

12.Click on create button to see a success message as "Sauce Labs integration is successfully configured "

How to use Sauce Labs in execution?

13. Go to Execution Create page Click on execution model dropdown it will display models, it's looks like below.

How to edit Sauce Labs intigration?

14. Edit the following fields in edit sauce labs intigration.

15. Click on update button to continue changes.

How to delete Sauce Labs intigration?

16. By clicking on the delete button, you will get an alert page.

17. Confirm and click on delete.