Question: How is Testsigma different from other Testing Tools online?


Many of Automated Testing tools online use a Record and Playback methodology for creation of Test Cases. This approach is easy to use but lacks the flexibility to handle complex operations and to make commands tailored to your application.

Although we have provided a Record and Playback tool ourselves to get acquainted to Testsigma and to help you make Test Cases for small applications, we are focusing on developing a platform that allows non-programmers to create Test Cases with the same flexibility of using programming based tools with minimum effort.

Question: What is a Step Group?


Step group is a set of Test Steps that are used together to perform a task. In Testsigma, Step Groups are implemented as a variation of Test Cases i.e you can create Step Groups in a manner similar to a Test Case.

For Example, testing login for an application is common for many test cases. In that case, we can create a step group with login steps and later we can use the same step group wherever we need to reuse the same login steps thus avoiding duplicate creation of same steps.

Question: What is a Data driven Testing?


Data-driven testing is creation of test scripts where Test Data and/or Output Values are read from data files instead of using the same hard-coded values each time the test runs. It allows us to import or read the Test Data and/or expected Output Data from external files or data sources and feed the data into our Automated Test Cases so that we don't need to hard-code the test data into the Test Steps definition. The Test Steps iterates itself and consequent rows of data are fed to the Test Steps as input.

Question: Why is my Test Case not visible in Test Suite creation page?

Answer: Test Case has to be in Ready state to be visible and usable in other parts of the Tool such as Test Suites page or to create a quick Execution without creating a Test Suite.

Question: Why does my App data(login details, history e.t.c) get cleared when automating Apps using Testsigma and Appium?

Answer: By Default, Appium resets the App Data of the Application to be tested when starting a session. We need to set the desired capability 'noReset' to 'true' to restrict Appium from reseting the App Data.

If you are using Appium Desktop, please follow the below guide:

How to set Desired Capabilities on Appium Desktop for automating Mobile Apps?

Here's the Official Documentation

Appium Desktop : Starting a new Session with desired Capabilities