Testsigma provides an option to keep track of the initiation and completion of your normal and scheduled Executions by enabling Email Alerts. It is especially useful if you need to be notified about your scheduled Executions. The Email will be sent from the Inbox that you have configured in SMTP Configuration inside your Testsigma Account.

After configuring the SMTP settings, you can provide the email address in which you prefer to be notified about the status of Executions while creating an Execution as shown below:

Create Execution page

You will receive an email when the Execution starts and completes. You will also receive an Email if the Execution is stopped or aborted due to unexpected reasons.

Note: If you have not configured the SMTP Settings yet and you enter an email Address for notification while creating an execution, you will receive reports from our default reporting system and the sender of the email will be reports@testsigma.com / feedback@testsigma.com.


You can navigate to the SMTP configuration page easily by clicking on the Configuration iconon the left navigation pane and then selecting SMTP Configuration menu option in the left context menu.

If you have not configured your SMTP settings, it looks as follows:

We need to create a new SMTP configuration using the settings for our mailbox from which we need to send the notifications. This may be your corporate email Address for which you have configuration access or your personal email Address on third party providers such as Gmail, Windows Live, Yahoo e.t.c.

Create SMTP Configuration

Clicking on the Create button in SMTP configuration page opens up the Create SMTP configuration page as shown below:

1. First of all, check that IMAP access is enabled in your Email account.

2. After that, enter the details on Create SMTP Settings page in Testsigma as given below:

  • SMTP Server - The outgoing mail server of your Email Provider
  • Username - Your complete Email Address
  • Password - Your Email Account Password
  • Verify Password - Confirm the above Password
  • Default From Address - The Default Email Address which should be shown as the sender in your notification Email. In case of errors, use the same Email ID as in the Username.
  • Enable TLS - Enable TLS for security concerns. Disable this only if other configurations don't work.
  • Enable Authorization - Enable Authorization for security concerns. Disable this only if other configurations don't work.
  • Port - Usually, Port for TLS connection is 587.
  • Connection Timeout - Connection Timeout in milliseconds. A value greater than 40000 is recommended.

Note: For corporate Email Accounts, please contact your System Administrator for IMAP Access, SMTP server (Outgoing server) and Port Number.

Here's a sample of SMTP settings for Gmail:

Note: By default, Gmail and other Email Providers restricts you from using their SMTP configuration on most of the third-party Applications. Please contact the Email provider for more assistance about their SMTP settings.

3. Once you have entered all the values, click on the Create button to save the configuration. You will be taken to the SMTP Configuration Details page as shown below:

You have successfully configured your SMTP settings.

Now you can enter the Email address(while creating an Execution) in which you want to receive notifications about your Executions. The sender Email address in your notification Email will be same as the Default From Address in the configuration.