Configurations on Local Windows/Mac/Linux Machine

In case of Hybrid Execution of Android Apps, we need to perform a few additional steps as compared to configuration required for Hybrid Execution of Web Applications.

1. Install Java JDK 7 or later and set JAVA_HOME & Path Environment variable

2. Install Android SDK and set ANDROID_HOME Environment variable

The easiest way to do this is installing the Android Studio provided by Google. The Android SDK Tools come bundled with Android Studio. Check the Official Android Studio documentation page for more details on installing Android Studio.

Android Studio - Installation Guide

3. Install Android SDK API for your Android Version

Using the SDK manager, ensure you have installed the SDK for Android API levels you wish to automate (e.g., 24).

4. Install Appium Desktop

We need to install Appium Desktop Application for the local PC to communicate with the mobile device and run tests on it.

Appium Desktop - Official Github release page

Configuration on Local Android Device

Also, we need to do a few things on the mobile device to enable Test Execution on it.

1. Enable Developer Options in Settings

2. Allow USB Debugging is Settings

Check the Android Documentation to know how to enable developer options and USB debugging.

3. Allow installation from Unknown Sources in Settings

Here's an easy guide to enable unknown sources.

4. Install the App to be automated(Optional)

Session Setup

In order to start a Test Session, do the following steps:

1. Start the Appium Server with default configuration i.e Host address - and port 4723. You may also use the localhost IP if you prefer i.e Host Address - localhost and port - 4723

Check the README section on the Appium GitHub page for more details.

Please take note of the Host Address and Port as we need to enter the same while adding an Execution Configuration to the Execution in a later stage.

2. Connect the Android Device and start ADB by executing the command 'adb devices' on Command Prompt.

That's all the configuration required for Automating Android Apps on real Android Devices using Testsigma!

Happy Automation Testing!