This is a simple Test Case and just launches the app and performs a few clicks. This is just to get familiar with Android Mobile Application Tests in Testsigma. 

Please perform the following steps to create a sample Test Case with the below Test Steps:

1. Create a Mobile Application Type under any of your Projects. Please check the guide for more details: How to Create/Edit/Delete Application?

Create Application Page

2. Import the UI identifiers from the attached "fieldDefinition.xls" file in UI Identifiers page under Applications > Versions. 

How to Import UI Identifiers?

3. Create a Test Case.

How to add/edit/delete an automated Test Case?

4. Add the following Test Steps to the Test Case.

How to add / edit / delete Test Steps for Automated Test Cases?

#1. Launch Application


#2. Tap on skip_onboarding


#3. Tap on sync_readinglist_gotit


#4. Tap on menu


#5. Tap on hide card


#6. Tap on search

5. Download the Wikipedia App and upload it in the Uploads page under Applications > Versions.

How to upload Android or iOS Apps to Testsigma Cloud?

5. Go back to the Test Cases page and Run the Test by clicking on Run button on top right corner.

Once the execution is started, it will take some time for it to complete and it will be in queued status until completion. After the execution is complete, the Test Result status will change to Passed, Failed, Aborted, or Stopped as per the execution outcome.

Happy Test Automation!