Test Steps are a set of statements that define the steps to be performed in a Test Case and they constitute the Test Case.

We are going to discuss managing Test Steps in this article.


First of all, we need to navigate to the Test Cases page as follows:

Applications > Select Application > Select Version > Select Test Case

After selecting the Test Case, we will be taken to the Test Case details page where we can create the Test Steps by clicking on the button.

Create Test Steps

When the Create Test Step button is clicked, we will be taken to Create Test Step page that looks like given below:

Usually, there are 2 approaches to create a manual Test Step:

1. Manual Step

2. Step Group

1. Manual Step

Step DetailsEnter the details of the Test Step i.e if you want to go to Google webpage, enter "type http://www.google.com" here.

TestEnter more details about the expected Result / Outcome after performing the above-specified Test Step.

Mandatory: Select the Mandatory checkbox to make the execution of this step compulsory for a Test Case.

PrioritySelect the Priority level that you want to set for this Test Step.

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Medium

PrerequisiteSelect a previously created Test Step if successful execution of that step is required to execute this Test Step.

2. Step Group

Every field except Step Details field is present in Step Group option. Enter the required details and click on Create button to create the Test Step.

Follow the same procedure to create multiple Test Steps.

Check the below video for an example:

Edit Test Steps

First of all, navigate to the Test Case Details page under which the required Test Step is located.

To edit existing test steps, click on the Edit button next to the Test Step. An inline section to edit the Test Step will open up as shown below:

Make the required changes and click on Update button to finalize changes.

A notification about successful test step update will be shown and we would be taken back to the Test Step Details page.

Delete Test Steps

To delete existing test steps, click on the Delete button next to the Test Step. A confirmation dialog will be shown as given below:

Select the checkbox and click on Delete to confirm Deletion.