Parameter Test Data is one of the Test Data types present in Testsigma along with other types such as Global Parameter, Function Parameter, Runtime Test Data and Random Test Data.

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When we need to perform a data-driven Test Execution, we can make use of parameter Test Data. Parameter Test Data can be managed in the Test Data Profile page and you navigate to the page by going through:

Test Development > Test Data

Usage of Parameter Test Data

Before we proceed, we need to create a Test Data Profile from which the Test Data is to be fed to the Test Steps for data-driven testing.

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We have created a sample Test Data profile as shown below:

After creating a Test Data Profile, we need to add the Test Data Profile to our Test Case.

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We have created a sample Test Case as shown below:

As shown in the above image, make sure that the Data-Driven button is toggled and the respective Test Data Profile('Logins Data' in this case) is selected.

Now we can start creating data-driven Test Steps.

Let us take a sample scenario to explain in detail about the usage of Parameter Test Data.

Example Scenario

We will be doing the following steps in our Test Case:

1. Go to OrangeHRM Homepage

2. Enter the username in the username field

3. Enter the password in the password field

4. Click on the Login button

We can make the above steps data-driven i.e we can enter multiple username-password pairs and try to log in with that. Let us see how that is done below:

Creating the Test Case will take us to the Test Case details page.

1. Click on the Add First Test Step button to begin. Start by entering Go to into the Action Text input field, select Go to testdata NLP from the suggested list of commands, and replace testdata with the Page URL as shown below:

Go to http://opensource.demo.orangehrmlive.com/

2. To enter the username in the username field, start by entering type into the Action Text input field. Select type testdata in ui identifier template from the suggested list of commands.

Now, double click on test data to select it and press delete key to delete it. Press down arrow key to get the test data suggestions and select @|Parameter| from the list.

Press arrow key once again to get suggestions from the selected Test Data Profile 'Logins Data' - 'Username' and 'Password'

Select 'Username' from the suggestions.

It will look like:

Type @|Username| in usernamefield

3. To enter the password in the password field, follow the same procedure as the above step and at the last step, select 'Password' from the suggestions:

The Step will look like:

Type @|Password| in passwordfield

4. Start by entering click into the Action Text input field, select click ui identifier NLP from the suggested list and replace ui identifier with loginbutton as shown below:

Click loginbutton if visible

The UI Identifiers used in the Test Case are:

username field with an id = 'txtUsername'

password field with an id = 'txtPassword'

loginbutton with an id = 'btnLogin'

Our Data Driven Test Case has been created. Now, you may perform a Dry Run on the Test Case or Create an Execution to run the Test Case.

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Happy Automation Testing!