The Application Under Test(AUT) should either be installed on the Test Device, accessible from the local System or uploaded to Testsigma Cloud. For uploading the Application to the Testsigma Cloud, please follow the given steps:


Navigate to the Uploads page by going through:

Select Project > Select Applications > Select Version

Once you have selected the version, we can see the menu item Uploads in the left context menu. This organization also makes it easier to access from the Test Cases page.

Uploading the App

1. In the Uploads page, click on the Upload App button in the top right corner to open the Upload page.

2. Enter the details as given below:

Name: Enter the name of the App to be uploaded. This is the name that will be shown in the App selection list for selection while creating an Execution.

File Type: Select the File Type from the list(APK, IPA or other)

Version: Enter the version number of the Application.

Upload To: Select the Execution Model for which the file is to be used.

Note: Right now, Testsigma Labs and Hybrid Execution are supported. Sauce Labs and BrowserStack will be supported soon.

Choose File: Select the file to be uploaded.

3. Click on the Upload App button to upload the file.

Using the uploaded Application in Execution

Once the Application is uploaded, it can be used for executing tests.

1. While adding an Execution Configuration, select the Use Uploads radio button and select the uploaded app by Name from the App Name list.

2. Proceed as normal to create the Execution Configuration.

Check the following resources for more details:

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