Step Groups

Step Groups are used in Testsigma for organizing a set of reusable Test Steps. 

For example, let us assume we are automating a couple of scenarios that require a logged-in user as a prerequisite.

Login steps are used in almost all Test Cases that deal with a logged-in user. So we can create a Step Group for those login steps and reuse the same Step Group in all those Test Cases that require log in rather than adding the same steps repeatedly in those Test Cases.

A sample Step Group can be found below

The above step group can be utilized in a test case as shown below.

NLP Grammar

NLP(Natural Language Processing) Grammar consists of a set of predefined simple English language statements such as “Navigate to test data”, “Click on ui identifier” e.t.c that are used to create Test Steps. 

Test Cases

A Test Case consists of a set of Test Steps/Actions that consists of a Test Scenario.

For example:

UI Identifiers

UI Identifiers are element locators. It is used to locate the elements on a Web page or App Screen for interacting with them and contains some of the properties and attributes of these elements.

Test Data

Test data is the data that we pass to the Application Under Test(AUT). It can be anything like text, numbers, phone numbers, emails etc. 

Test Data Profiles

Test Data Profiles are primarily used for Data-Driven Testing. You can create test data in tabular format within Testsigma or import Test Data from Excel files into Testsigma. This can be used for data-driven testing.

Here is an example for a test data profile : Here the city names are the test data that will be input to a test case.

Custom Functions

Custom Functions are used to extend the functionality of Testsigma. Users can add advanced functions to deal with complex or specific functionalities in App using Programming logic.


Mobile Apps or entities used in the Test Case can be uploaded here and accessed within the Test Steps.


Environments in Testsigma is a high-level abstraction of Test Environment that allows you to run Test Cases once created on multiple Environments such as QA, UAT, Staging servers without any modifications in the Tests.


Testsigma allows you to run the Tests on your local Machines in addition to cloud Machines. Systems page consists of the details of these local machines that can be used for executing tests on-premise.

Custom fields

Custom fields can be used to add user-defined fields to the Testsigma entities such as Projects, Applications, Versions, Test Cases, Step Groups e.t.c


Plugins are extensions that enable integration with third-party applications such as Jenkins, MS Teams, Slack e.t.c