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Get Started with Test Automation

web apps
1.2. Web Apps
mobile apps
1.3. Mobile Web Applications
andriod apps
1.4. Android Native Apps
ios apps
1.5. iOS Native Apps
rest api
7.4. Testsigma REST API

Knowledge base

test cases
2.1. Test Cases 3

Start writing resilient, simple English automated tests in Testsigma. Explore Step Groups to automate repetitive steps that are highly reusable.

test suites
6.1. Test Suites 1

Go ahead, create your own test suite! Organize your tests in test suites and manage their running sequence.

test plan
6.2. Test Plans 8

Explore different execution methods. From simple dry runs to running automated tests in parallel across browsers, Testsigma has got you covered.

7.4. Testsigma REST API 6

Explore working with API requests and how Testsigma lets you interact with the responses.

11.5. Accounts 2

Test as a team. Set up your Testsigma account, invite teammates, assign multiple user roles and responsibilities.