In Testsigma, Step group is a reusable set of Test Steps that are used together to perform a task.

For Example, logging into an Application (Web / Mobile) is common for many Test Cases. So, we can create a Step Group with the steps required for a login process and later we can use the same Step Group whenever we need to perform login process thus avoiding duplicate creation of same steps.

In Testsigma, Step Groups are similar to Test Cases. Two main differences are:

In Testsigma, Step Groups are implemented as a variation of Test Cases i.e you can create Step Groups in a manner similar to the creation of a Test Case. And once a Step Group is created, you can add a Step Group to a Test Case just like adding any other Test Step. The only difference is that a Test Step is a single step / action whereas a Step Group is a set of Test Steps.

Steps for creating and using a Step Group

Before adding a Step Group to a Test Case, we need to create one. Once the Step Group is created, we can start using them in our Test Cases.

The steps to be followed in creating and using a Step Group can be summarized as follows:

1. First of all, create a Step Group using the Create Test Case page.

Please refer this article for more details on the creation of Step Groups - How To Create a Step Group?

2. Secondly, add the required Test Steps to the Step Group just as we add Test Steps in Test Cases.

In our case, we can add steps for logging into an Application.

Please refer this article for more details on the creation of Test Steps - How to add/edit/delete automated test step?

Please check the last section - Usage of Test Data Profile in Step Groups for more details on adding Test Data Profile to Step Groups.

3. Finally, navigate to the Test Case where we need to add the Step Group and perform the following steps:

a.) Click on the Create Test Step button to open the Create Test Step wizard as shown below:

b.) Click on Step group icon and the following will be shown:

c.) You can either create the Step group or can Select the Step group from the drop down if created earlier.

Data Driven Testing with Step Groups - Usage of Test Data profile in Step Groups

Although Test Data Parameters can be used in Test Steps created inside Step Groups, we need to make sure that the Test Data profile used in Test Steps inside the Step Group is same as the Test Data profile that is selected for the Test Case where the Step Group is added.

The steps followed for using Test Data Profile in Step Groups can be summarized as follows:

1.) Create a Test Data Profile and add the required Test Data Sets and Parameters to it. Also, note down the parameter names for usage in Step groups. Let us create a Test Case for testing the login process of OrangeHRM Website using data-driven Steps in a Step group. We will use a pair of valid and invalid login credentials as given below:

2.) Now, create a Step Group and add Test Steps to it.

As you can see, the steps 2,3 are using Parameter Test Data with parameters from the Test Data profile created earlier. Please check this article for more details on usage of different Test Data types - Different types of test data and their usage in Testsigma

Note: We won't get suggestions for Test Data while creating Test Steps in Step Groups. That is why it is recommended to note down the parameter names while creating the Test Data Profile. This is because Test Data Profile is not linked to a Step Group and linking a Step Group removes its advantage of reusability in different cases.

3.) Create a Test Case and add the above Step Group to the Test Case.

4.) As you can see above, we have also add a final step to the Test Case to validate that login is successful.

5.) Finally, select the Test Data profile which contains the parameters in Step Group.

That's how we can perform data-driven Testing using Step Groups.