Step group is a set of Test Steps, that are run together to perform a task.

For Example, logging into an Application (Web / Mobile) is common for many Test Cases. So, we can create a Step Group with the steps required for a login process and later we can use the same Step Group whenever we need to perform login process thus avoiding duplicate creation of same steps. Only the login credentials such as username and password and UI identifiers for the page needs to be modified while using this step group in a different Test Case.

In Testsigma, Step Groups are implemented as a variation of Test Cases i.e you can create Step Groups in a manner similar to a Test Case.

Please refer to this article for more details on Creating a Test Case - How to add/edit/delete a Test Case?

Create Step Group

First of all, we need to follow the same procedure for creating a Test Case to navigate to the Create Test Case page.

Once you have reached the Create Test Case page, select the Manual radio button to switch to manual mode and set the toggle button to Step Group to create a manual Step Group.

You will see the Create Step Group page as shown below:

Enter the following details:

Name/ Title (Required): Enter a title for the Test Case.

Description: Enter a meaningful description for this Test Case elaborating about it. You can add more details in the attachments section at the end of this form.

Requirement (Required): Select the previously added requirement under which you want to add this particular Test Case.

Assignee: Select the user (testing team member) to whom you want to assign this Test Case to.

Status (Required): Select the appropriate status for the Test Case.

  • Draft – Test Case is in abstract mode.
  • Review- Test Case is under inspection.
  • Ready- Test Case is active and ready to be executed.
  • Obsolete- Test Case is no longer valid.
  • Needs to be updated – Test Case needs to be modified to be valid.

Note: Test Cases in only ready state will be available for execution.

Here's a sample input for a Step Group that consists of Login action steps.

Click on Create button to Create the Step Group. We would get a success notification for Step Group Creation. You can start adding Test Steps in this Step Group now just as you add Test Steps in a Test Case.

Please refer this article for more details on adding Test Steps - How to add/edit/delete manual Test Step?