Before assigning users to existing projects, you need to add users to your account first. For more details on adding users to your account, please go through this help document. After that, you may proceed with the steps given below:

Assigning users to existing Projects

1.  First of all, you need to go to Left Navigation Pane and click on Project Settings.

After clicking on Project Settings, you are taken to the Project Members page by default. If not, please click on the Project Members menu item under Actions menu.

You will find a page similar to the one given below:

Greenshot-2017-11-11 17_19_21c.jpg

Project Members page

2. Now, select the user that you want to add to this project from the Users list and click on the Assign button Testsigma-2017-11-11 17_27_09.jpgon the top right corner to assign them to this project.

Note: Adding users to current project allows you to set them as assignee during creation of test cases.

Deleting Project Members

You can delete already added project members from this page.

1. Click on the delete icon on the right edge of the row in which the user’s name is given.

Testsigma-2017-11-11 17_41_04c.jpg

2. After that, select the checkbox that says ‘I understand’ to confirm the deletion.

Testsigma-2017-11-11 17_44_30c.jpg

3. Finally, press the Delete button to remove that user from the project.