These are the available Custom Functions:

No.Return TypeGenerated Test Data TypeTest Data FunctionDescription
1longNumberrandomNumber(int min, int max)Returns a random number between min and max values( less than 2^31)
2intNumberrandomDigit()Returns a random number between 0 and 9
3intNumberrandomDigitNotZero()Returns a random number between 1 and 9
4longNumberrandomNumber(long min, long max)Returns a random number between min and max( less than 2^63)
5longNumbernumber of digits(int numberOfDigits, boolean strict)Returns a random number with less than or equal to specified number of digits. Strictly specified number of digits if second argument is true
6longNumberrandomNumber()Returns a random number
7doubleNumberrandomDouble(int maxNumberOfDecimals, int min, int max)Returns a random double between min and max with maximum specified number of decimal places
8doubleNumberrandomDouble(int maxNumberOfDecimals, long min, long max)Returns a random double between min and max with maximum specified number of decimal places
9longNumberdigits(int count)Returns a random number with specified number of digits
10longNumberdigit()Returns a random digit
11StringNamename()Returns a random name
12StringNamenameWithMiddle()Returns a random name with a middle name
13StringNamefullName()Returns a random full name
14StringNamefirstName()Returns a random first name
15StringNamelastName()Returns a random last name
16StringNameprefix()Returns a random prefix
17StringNamesuffix()Returns a random suffix
18StringNametitle()Returns a random title
19StringNameusername()Returns a random username
20StringAddresscellPhone()Returns a random Phone number
21StringAddressphoneNumber()Returns a random Phone number
22StringInternetdomainWord()Generates a random domain word
23StringInternetdomainSuffix()Generates a random domain suffix such as .com, .org
24StringInternetemailAddress()Generates a random valid email ID
25StringInternetemailAddress(String localPart)Generates a random valid email ID with local part
26StringInternetsafeEmailAddress()Generates a random valid email ID
27StringInternetsafeEmailAddress(String localPart)Generates a random valid email ID with local part
28StringInterneturl()Generates a random url.
29StringInternetimage()Generates a random image url based on the lorempixel service.
30StringInternetpassword()Generates a strong password
31StringInternetuuid()Generates a universally unique Identifier
32StringFileextension()Generates a random extension
33StringFilemimeType()Generates a random file MIME type
34StringFilefileName()Generates a random file name
35StringFilefileName()Generates a random file name
36StringAddressstreetName()Generates a valid Street name
37StringAddressstreetAddressNumber()Generates a valid Street Address number
38StringAddressstreetAddress()Generates a valid Street Address
39StringAddressstreetAddress()Generates a valid Street Address
40StringAddresssecondaryAddress()Generates a valid Secondary Address
41StringAddresszipCode()Generates a valid zipcode
42StringAddresszipCodeByState()Generates a valid zip code for given State
43StringAddressstreetSuffix()Generates a valid Street suffix
44StringAddressstreetPrefix()Generates a valid Street Prefix
45StringAddresscitySuffix()Generates a valid City Suffix
46StringAddresscityPrefix()Generates a valid City prefix
47StringAddresscity()Generates a valid city
48StringAddresscityName()Generates a valid city name
49StringAddressstate()Generates a valid state
50StringAddressstateAbbr()Generates a valid state Abbreviation
51StringAddressfirstName()Generates a valid First name
52StringAddresslastName()Generates a valid Last name
53StringAddresslatitude()generates a valid latitude
54StringAddresslongitude()Generates a valid longitude
55StringAddresstimeZone()Generates a valid timeZone
56StringAddresscountry()Generates a valid Country name
57StringAddresscountryCode()Generates a valid country code
58StringAddressbuildingNumber()Generates a valid building Number
59StringAddressfullAddress()Generates a valid full address
60StringAddressname()Generates a valid name
61StringAddresssuffix()Generates a valid name suffix
62StringAddressindustry()Generates a valid work Industry name
63StringAddressprofession()Generates a valid profession name
64DateDatefuture(int atMost, TimeUnit unit Date ReferenceDate, String format)Generates a future date from now.
65DateDatefuture(int atMost, TimeUnit unit, String format)Generates a future date from now.
66DateDatecurrent(String format)Generates data with present date
67DateDatebetween(Date from, Date to, String format)Generates a random date between two dates.

More functions to be added soon..