Testsigma provides a robust API to manage the Executions and Execution Data using RESTful API Calls. Below given are some of the utilities provided by Testsigma API.

We need to authenticate each of these requests with your Testsigma Account login credentials before executing these requests.

Start Execution

We can start an execution in Testsigma easily using the following API request and replacing the <execution-id> part with actual execution-id


For a particular Execution, you can get the complete API request using cURL command to trigger the execution from the Executions page as shown below:

As you can see, the execution ID in the above case is '1247'.

Making the API Call - Using POSTMAN

Now let us see how to create same request in Post Man REST API Client with Basic Authentication:

Note: You need to make sure the request is authenticated. Otherwise, it may return a 401 Unauthorized Error as response.

In most of the modern clients like Postman, you might have the option to select Basic Authentication and enter the username, password in the provided input fields. Simply select the Basic Auth option from Authorization Tab and click on Update Request to include the Basic Authentication header.

You may also manually create a Base64 encoded Authentication Header field as shown below:

The Environment Run Id is returned in the response for the request if the execution was started successfully.

Making the API Call - Using cURL

Now, if you would prefer a curl command, that is even more simple. Send a cURL request of the form using your preferred application:

curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' -u <Username>:<Password> https://app.testsigma.com/rest/execution/<Execution-ID>/run

Replace <Username> & <Password> with real credentials and also replace the <Execution-ID> that you get from the Execution Details page.