By default, Testsigma Agent runs at and port 8080(secondary server port).

However, this might cause some issues for users when they are trying to set up Testsigma Agent on their development environments. The reason is that Web development environments will most probably will have another instance of Apache Web Server(Apache2 or Apache tomcat) where there Development applications are deployed.

In such cases, we might need to do a workaround for hassle-free operation of Testsigma Agent. We have two options; either we need to change the port at which your development environment is alive. Or else, we will have to change the port at which Testsigma Agent runs. Taking the ease of configuration, we will take the latter option.

Usually, Web Development projects using Apache Server will be using three ports - 8080, 8005, 8009. We just need to change these port numbers to an unused port number in the Apache Server configuration.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Shutdown the Testsigma Agent server by running the for windows) file.

2. Navigate to the Apache tomcat working directory. If you have followed our guide for setting up the Testsigma Agent, it will be located in,

For *nix, /home/<username>/Documents/Testsigma/apache-tomcat-xxxx/conf

For Windows, E:\Testsigma\apache-tomcat-xxxx\conf

3. Open server.xml file and find the port numbers mentioned above.

4. Replace those with unused ports. We would suggest replacing those values with 8081,8006, and 8010, respectively.

5. Restart the PC/Mac in order to restart the Apache server processes or services that might be running in background.

6. Restart the Testsigma Agent and use the update port number 8081 for accessing Testsigma Agent on your browser.


Note that we have used port 8090 in our case. You may use any of the free ports available in your case.

That's all we need to do to change the ports for your Testsigma Agent. Feel free to contact Testsigma Support if you are facing any issues.

Happy Automation!