As we know, Testsigma Agent is mandatory for Hybrid Executions on local machines. In response to our Customer Feedback, we have integrated auto-update feature into Testsigma Agent. Once you upgrade to newest Testsigma Agent version, you won't have to update Testsigma Agent manually when there is a new release.

Here's the latest build of Testsigma Agent(including Apache Tomcat and Browser Driver files) with auto-update integrated into it. Given below are the steps to be followed in order to update the Agent to latest version:

Windows - Testsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Windows 32bit | Testsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Windows 64bit

Mac - Testsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Mac 32bit | Testsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Mac 64bit

Linux - Testsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Linux 32bitTestsigma Agent-Driver Bundle Linux 64bit

For Windows

Let us assume that Testsigma Agent is located in the folder "C:\Users\[your_username]\Documents\Testsigma" where [your_username] is to be replaced with your Windows username.

In order to update the Testsigma Agent to latest version from old version, we need to do the following steps:

1. Stop the Apache tomcat server if it's already running on the local machine. Else skip to Step 2.

  • Open a Command prompt(CMD) window if not open already.
  • Navigate to the Apache bin directory inside Testsigma folder using the command cd C:\Users\[your_username]\Documents\Testsigma\apache-tomcat-xxxx\bin
  • Type shutdown.bat and press Enter.

2. Go back up to the Testsigma Folder using command cd C:\Users\[your_username]\Documents\Testsigma and delete all the contents inside.

3. Download the latest auto-update release of Testsigma Agent given above.

4. Extract the contents from the downloaded zip file to the Testsigma folder.

5. Switch to the previously opened Command Prompt(CMD) window.

6. Restart the Apache Tomcat server by typing startup.bat and pressing Enter key.

For Mac/Linux


The auto-update feature is currently implemented only on Windows. This article will be updated with the required content once auto-update is available for Mac/Linux as well.


Final Steps


Some of our users have reported that they are facing Auto update issues. This is due to a bug with the Path environment resolution in Windows. Once all the above steps are done, please follow the steps in below article to avoid Agent Auto update errors 

How to fix errors on Testsigma Agent Auto-Update script?