You may run your Testsigma Tests on your own Sauce Labs Account if you prefer. Please follow the below steps for allowing access for Sauce Connect to locally hosted applications.


An active Sauce Labs account


1. Go to Configuration > Plugins > Sauce Labs and add your Sauce Labs account by entering the Username and the Access Key.

2. Download and extract the Sauce Connect executable from the following link - Mac OS (10.8+) | Windows OS (7+) | Linux

3. Open the Outbound port 443 in your firewall for Sauce Connect executable. You may ask for assistance from your System Administrator for this.

4. Execute the sauce connect executable named "sc.exe" in CMD Window (Terminal for Mac/Linux) with the following parameters:


sc.exe -u <username> -k <access-key>


sc -u <username> -k <access-key>

Note: You may use '-i <identifier-name>' in addition to above command to use a persistent id for the tunnel.

Wait for the tunnel to be connected. It will look like shown below:

Now, you may simply select the execution type in your Execution/Dry Run as Sauce Labs and Run.

Now, Sauce Labs would be able to access the local URL due to the Sauce Connect proxy that is running in background. Sauce Connect tool will create a tunnel(something similar to VPN) between your local machine and the Testsigma server.

Please check the below article for more details:

Testsigma Private Grid - Sauce Labs Setup