Testsigma Recorder allows you to record the Test Steps easily while getting started with Testsigma. However, once you are familiar with the Testsigma, we would suggest you to use the NLP based Test Step creation option as it offers more flexibility.

Here's a list of Advanced Keyboard Controls and Gestures available while recording Test Steps:

  1. Mouse Over (Press and Hold Control Key)

  2. Pause Recording temporarily (Press and Hold Alt Key)

  3. Scroll Page (Auto-Record)

  4. Key presses such as Tab, Enter (Auto-Record)

  5. Choose option from Select Dropdowns (Press and Hold Control Key while clicking Select box)

  6. Record click for Input boxes (Press and Hold Control Key)

Note: From the above given controls, option1, option 5, and option 6 would work while recording UI Identifiers as well.

1. Mouse Over

Press and hold Control key while moving from another Element to the required Element to capture the mouse over action for the required Element.

2. Pause Recording temporarily

Press and hold Alt key while performing the actions in order to skip/pause recording the user actions temporarily. Once you are ready to resume the recording, simply depress the Alt key to resume.

3. Scroll Page

No Actions necessary. While recording, scroll to the desired Element and perform the required action on the desired Element to record the scroll action as well as the Element interaction.

4. Key Presses

No Actions necessary. While recording, you can simply press on common Keys such as Tab, Enter e.t.c to record the key press actions as well.

5. Choose option from Select Dropdowns

While recording, if you want to select an option from a select(dropdown) field, you need to press and hold the Control key while clicking on the select field and then depress the Control key before clicking on your required option/item in the list.

6. Record click for Input boxes

If you are clicking on input fields such as username or password boxes and entering the required value in it, the click action is ignored by default and only the type action is captured (since capturing both the click and type action is unnecessary in case of most input fields). However, if you still want to record the click for input box, you can do so by pressing and holding the Control key while clicking on the input field.