"I have configured Testsigma Hybrid(Local) Executions recently. When I start the execution, my tests stay Queued and doesn't start?"

This is a very common scenario and is mostly caused due to incorrect or incomplete configuration in Testsigma Account or the local machine.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Go to the URL http://localhost:8080/agent and see if the Testsigma Agent is running as shown below:

If it's not, please follow the steps in the below article:
Quick setup guide - Setup TestSigma Agent on your device for Hybrid Test Execution(WIndows/Mac/Linux)

2. If the Testsigma Agent is indeed running, then check whether the IP/Port number of the local machine(shown in the Agent dashboard above) and the IP for the System added to Testsigma Account settings might be mismatching.

Please go to Configuration > Systems, select the added system in Testsigma Account and confirm both the IP and Port numbers match with values in Testsigma Agent Dashboard.

If there's no mismatch there also, please get in touch with Testsigma Support using the Instant chat option on left or mail us at