"I am trying to run Hybrid(Local) Executions. When I start the execution, my tests stay Queued and doesn't start?"

This is a very common scenario and is mostly caused due to incorrect or incomplete configuration in Testsigma Account or the local machine.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Step 1. Check if Testsigma Agent is running or not

CHECK: Confirm that the Testsigma Agent is running by going to the URL http://localhost:8080/agent

If the agent is running, you would see a Webpage as shown below:

If it's not, please follow the steps in the below article:
Quick setup guide - Setup TestSigma Agent on your device for Hybrid Test Execution(WIndows/Mac/Linux)

Step 2. If the Testsigma Agent is running, check if the Testsigma Agent is registered properly.

CHECK: Go to the Testsigma Agent > Register Agent page and confirm that you have registered successfully using the same email address used to log into Testsigma Account.

Step 3. If registered properly, check the Executions tab to see if Agent is outdated

CHECK: Go to the Testsigma Agent > Executions page and confirm there's no Outdated Agent message.

Step 4. If there's no 'Agent outdated' message, check if there's a mismatch in IP Address or Port

CHECK: Confirm that the IP Address, Port in Testsigma Agent Dashboard(first image) is same as the IP Address, Port for the System added to Testsigma Account under Configuration > Systems as shown below:

Step 5. If there's no misconfiguration, check the Executions tab for the Queued Execution

CHECK: Go to the Testsigma Agent > Executions page and confirm that the Queued execution is present either under Executions(run as Test Plan) or Dry Executions(run as Dry Run).

Step 6. If there queued execution is missing in the Executions tab, check for Exceptions in Testsigma Agent CLI Window

Check: Make sure that there are no exceptions in the Testsigma Agent window as shown below:

If there are exceptions, it would look like shown below:

If all of the above steps are checked and the issue still persists, please get in touch with Testsigma Support using the Instant chat option on bottom left corner or mail us at