"I am trying to run Hybrid(Local) Executions. When I start the execution, my tests stay Queued and doesn't start?"

This is a very common scenario and is mostly caused due to incorrect or incomplete configuration in Testsigma Account or the local machine.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Step 1. Check if Testsigma Agent is running or not

CHECK: Confirm that the Testsigma Agent is running by going to Agents page: Navigation > Agents

If the agent is not running then you will see that the last request time is not recent. If the agent is running, the request time will be less than 1 minute ago. In the above image, you can see that the last request time was 28 seconds ago.

"Out of Sync" will be shown if the agent is on an older version and needs time to auto-update.

"Unable to reach Agent" will be shown if the server has not got any message from Agent since a long time.

If the Agent is "Out of Sync", wait for a few minutes and load the http://localhost:8080/agent page to see if the agent is up and running. If not, it might be updating to the latest version. Wait for about 15 minutes for the agent to update and try the above URL again. If it is showing version info, refresh the above page and see.

If there's no change, follow the below guide to reinstall the agent:
Quick setup guide - Setup TestSigma Agent on your device for Hybrid Test Execution(WIndows/Mac/Linux)

Step 2. If registered properly, check the Test Plans/Dry Runs tab

CHECK: Go to the Agent > Test Plans page and confirm there's no Queued tests in Test Plans or Dry Runs tab.

Step 3. If there are no Queued Tests, check if there's a mismatch in IP Address or Port

CHECK: Confirm that the IP Address in Testsigma Agent Dashboard(http://localhost:8080/agent) is same as the IP Address for the Agent shown above.

Step 4. If there are no Queued Tests and the IP Address is also correct, please contact Support

If all of the above steps are checked and the issue still persists, please get in touch with Testsigma Support using the Instant chat option on the bottom left corner or mail us at

Provide them the log files by following the instructions here:

Fetching Agent Logs for debugging Hybrid Execution Errors