1. Pre-conditions of working with Testsigma

2. Overview

Create a Project

Testsigma allows a user to create and manage multiple projects. Users that work on multiple applications at one time generally use multiple projects for test creation and test management.

For every new Testsigma account - 4 sample projects are automatically added. These projects have different sample test cases for Web, Mobile Web, Android, and iOS application types. You may refer to these projects for examples.

In this chapter, we will create a project to automate testing for the sample application discussed in the previous chapter “Testsigma Sample Application”

Steps to create a project in Testsigma:

1. On the dashboard, go to the top left corner of the page, you should see this:

The highlighted area denotes the selected project. All the details that you see here are for the selected project here.

2. Click on the drop-down in the top left corner:

3. You should see the drop-down menu with the “+ Create New Project” button, click on that button:

4. Click on the “+ Create New Project” button, the “Create Project” page should appear as also shown in the screenshot below:

5. You need to fill the Name and Description of the project. Also, check the check-boxes below that says “Enable this to manage multiple applications in this project” and “Enable this if you have multiple versions for this project”.

You can leave these unchecked for this tutorial. After you have filled up the form, click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the page

6. The project should be created successfully for you and a page similar to the screenshot below should appear:

On the above page, as you see, there are many other sections along with Test cases that will help you to manage the project better. The options, related to Test Case creation include:

  • Step group
  • UI identifiers
  • Test Data Profiles
  • Custom Functions
  • Uploads

There are some other related to the test plan and results:

  • Requirements
  • Test Suites
  • Run Results
  • Environments

If you are not familiar with the different menu options listed above, check this document: Introduction to Testsigma’s Terminology

From the ‘Test Cases’ page that opens after the creation of a project, you can start creating the test for the sample test case that we discussed here in this tutorial Sample Web-App

With this, you have completed Create a Project. In the Next chapter “Create UI Identifiers” you will learn how to create UI Identifiers with the details of all the elements that we are going to automate in a sample test case.

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