1. What are the resource requirements for the Testsigma Agent?

Hardware requirements:

Memory: Minimum 2 GB, Recommended 4GB (dedicated memory for the tests)

Disk space: Around 2 GB (Including reserved space for test resources - screenshots, downloaded files e.t.c)

Processor: Dual-Core Processor

2. How does the cloud communicate with the agent?

We have taken utmost care to avoid unnecessary concerns regarding Testsigma Agent Communication Model. The Agent is a simple java utility that communicates exclusively with Testsigma Server.

The Agent communicates in a pull model; Testsigma Cloud server does not push any data without a request from the Agent side. It queries the Testsigma Cloud Server for the Test related details and gets the required data as the response from the Cloud server.

Therefore, it does not need to whitelist any IPs. However, you might need to allow the outgoing connection through the secure 443 port to ‘*.testsigma.com’ for the agent to communicate with the Testsigma Cloud Server.