To use Testsigma Mobile Inspector, it is necessary that the Testsigma Agent is installed on your machine. To check how to install the Testsigma Agent, please click here. Testsigma Agent is a small utility program that connects your Testsigma Account and your devices/local machine.

Testsigma Mobile Inspector enables its users to identify the UI identifiers on an Android or an iOS application. 

A UI Identifier in Testsigma terminology is nothing but a locator for any element on the mobile application. A locator specifies the location of any element like a button or a textfield on a web application. 

Refer the above video to understand how to create a test case for Mobile Application using the Testsigma Mobile Inspector. 

QA engineers use Testsigma Mobile Inspector to facilitate interactions of test codes with the subject application. Testing of a Mobile Application can be conducted in 1 of 3 ways :

1. Through live local mobile devices. With real USB-connected devices, QA Automation Engineers can test an app’s operability from the end user’s perspective. They can speed it up by running tests in parallel on several Android devices.  Alternatively, you can use cloud test services.

2. Using a real device cloud. To expand device coverage, QA Automation Engineers conduct tests in a remote testing environment – device farm aka device cloud. Preinstalled in OS and browsers, device farms provide testers with access to multi-versioned physical devices. Testers have a dashboard where they can manage all the connected devices. Sauce Labs and BrowserStack are widely used device clouds that Testsigma supports.

3. Via Android emulator / iOS simulator. QA Automation Engineers also test mobile apps via software that imitates a mobile device on their desktop.

Testsigma Mobile inspector enables Automation Engineers to efficiently locate elements and store them for further use. This leads to increased throughput and better coverage. 

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Visit this link to understand more about UI Identifiers and Agent setup