Use this pre-installation checklist to prepare the computer where the Testsigma Agent will be installed, to gather all of the information you will need during the installation, and troubleshoot any and all issues during the installation.


Pre-installation checklist

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer where you will install the Testsigma Agent satisfies the minimum requirements specified below 

Hardware Requirements:

Memory: Minimum 2 GB, Recommended 4GB (dedicated memory for the tests)

Disk space: Around 2 GB (Including reserved space for test resources - screenshots, downloaded files e.t.c)

Processor: Dual-Core Processor or better


Determine the Installation Location

Based on your environment, install the Testsigma Agent at the appropriate place.



Where to install the software








  • Download the zip file from the Agents page

  • Copy it to the location specified above

  • Unzip the file

  • Navigate to the directory

  • Run the start file

    • Windows - double click on start.bat

    • Mac/Linux - Run the command “./” 

  • Wait for Agent to start 

  • Observe the green Testsigma Icon in the bottom tray

    • Windows - check for the Testsigma process running inside Task Manager

    • Mac/Linux - Run the command “ps -eaf | grep testsigma” and observe the results

  • If Agent does not start, use the below guide

Post Installation Checks

  1. Are you able to access http://localhost:8383/agent and after starting the agent?

  2. You may also use the curl command to check the response

 The reason behind doing so is to understand if the agent is accessible and has all permission from the system administrator.

  1. If this is not accessible, it indicates that there is some hindrance in the system like firewall blocks or certain antivirus blocking the access. In  such conditions, you may contact your infrastructure team for help

  1. This error on the Agent logs will also help you understand there is a firewall blockage from your network side 

 PKIX path building failed:        unable to find valid certification path to requested         target

        at java.base/

        at java.base/

  1. Sometimes while trying to register the Testsigma Agent from the Agents Tab, we might face errors due to our system's Privacy settings

This usually happens when your system's privacy settings have not been fixed to "Allow apps downloaded from App Store and Identified developers" and instead pointed to different settings.

Resolution -  You can perform the below steps in this case:

 1. Navigate to your systems privacy settings For Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > click Security & Privacy > click General. For Windows: Search for Allowed apps settings in the search box

2. Once you are in the General Tab/Allowed Apps, change the privacy settings to "Allow apps downloaded from App Store and Identified developers" after giving the system's credentials

Port Configuration

As a part of initial debugging, perform these steps - 

1. Check if port 8080 is already occupied

 2.Navigate to localhost:8080 and register the agent

 with curl -X GET 

3. Use resource monitor to check  - listening ports - if anything is running

4. Try changing the HTTPS port to 8444 

If the issues persist, please contact Testsigma support.